Circus meets street!
Every evening at 5:00 PM, + Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 at 3:00 PM

Every day at 5 P.M., with additional weekend shows at 3 P.M., Montreal’s circus troupes will perform on the outdoor stage. The weird but wise members of Pyraga , Patty Queen and Métalumeuses will unleash their fiery brand of entertainment and revolutionary spirit!

The perfect opportunity to witness the smouldering energy of the Walkyries as they perform their complete show, and to discover the other troupes, all united in the name of social solidarity!

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Photo : Baptiste Fhont Darcy
Les thématiques flambées!
Every day at 8:30 PM

Come see where the folly of this pyro-artistic collective will lead you! Yet again this year, a hot time is guaranteed! On the menu: improvisation, exploration and creation. In short, everything you need to have a really good time. Scorching!



Descriptions of the Artists

Thursday 22 at 5 PM
Simon Dragon et compagnie
These survivors of the Apocalypse, defenders of the Light, have come to give us a glimpse of the cataclysmic destiny that awaits our doomed race! Leave your comfortable little nook behind and come to the party!

Friday 23 at 5 PM
Labodomlé Zarboom
Simon Durocher et compagnie

Saturday 24 at 3 PM
Patty Queen
Marie-France Gravel
The explosive Patty Queen invites you to assist her variety show, where circus, magic and comedy all share the bill! Clowns, unicycles and other gizmos to wake our slumbering hearts and put a permanent grin on our faces.

Saturday 24 at 5 PM
Becky Priebe
Come see the prowess of that incomparable high-voltage hula hoop artist, the one and only Barbie! Her folly is contagious and there is no antidote. So hold on to your tuques and prepare to succumb to her charms! A paean to Woman as sex object or a cynical caricature? You be the judge.

Saturday 24 à 7 PM
Banquet : Métalumeuses
Isabelle Michon-Campbell et Charlyne Guay
Gumboots and body percussion straight out of the city’s hottest junkyard! Come see them shake it and make some real noise!

Wednesday 21 at 5PM et Sunday 25 at 3 PM
Hoo la Vache!
Céline Chevrier et Andréanne Thiboutot
Whoa, Nellie! Two formidable, fearless cowgirls from the deepest pockets of Montreal’s Wild East present their dizzying universe. Don’t try this at home!

Sundat 25 at 5 PM
Les Walkyries
Éliane Bonin, Isabelle Michon-Campbell et Charlyne Guay
Magic! Smouldering embers! O what feminine energy in those hot dances! Les Walkyries will turn the heat up on Place Émilie-Gamelin with their spirited, fiery performance. After completing successful tours of Europe and Oceania, Les Walkyries bring their complete show to Montreal for the first time in three years!