A Mid-Autumn Night’s Screening
November 21–25 at 11 PM


Wednesday, November 21

Narco Blues

1997 - ONF - 8:14 min.
A dialogue-free animated short from the Droits au coeur collection for youth 12 and over.

The Colony
2007- EyeSteelFilm - 24 min.

Jeff Barnaby’s sophomore short is a gritty depiction of deception, desolation and decay.

Dehors Novembre
2005 - ONF - 6:49 min.

Patrick Bouchard has crafted a poignant, unflinching animated film on the subject of death, as experienced outdoors, in the night, in the month of the dead.

2004 - Production Nightsun - 18:53 min.

Directed by Sylvain Girard

État d'Urgence
2006 - ATSA - 16 min.
Produced by Santiago Bertolino and Steve Patry

Thursday, November 22

Enfants de choeur !

1999- érézi-76 min.
A long-form documentary from director Magnus Isaacson, Enfants de choeur! tells the success story of the Accueil Bonneau Choir, a musical outfit comprised of homeless and underprivileged people.

Friday November 23

Homeless Nation

A selection of films from, a Web site by and for Canada’s street community presenting true stories and personal viewpoints on homelessness through various media. 

Saturday, November 24

Méchant Trip
2005 - ONF - 70:49 min

From the street to the hotel by way of rehab and the great outdoors, they flee from foster homes and strike out toward their future. A voyage whose ports of call and ultimate destination are unknown. Directed by Ilan Saragosti.


Dimanche 25 novembre

City Lights
1931- A silent movie directed by Charlie Chaplin
Chaplin’s Little Tramp comes to the rescue of a blind young florist and passes himself off as a rich man. Through much arduous work, he earns enough money to help the young damsel recover her vision.



Screening of the film Notre-Pere - État d’Urgence 2006 - photo Martin Savoie