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Attention : Zone Épineuse 2002 - © Martin Savoie

Fin Novembre 2011 - © Luc Senécal

Parc Industriel - 2001 - © Martin Savoie

Attentat # 6 - 2004 - © Martin Savoie

Parc Industriel - 2001 - © Martin Savoie

Cuisine ta ville 2019 - © Daniel Robillard

Le Temps d'une Soupe - Madagascar 2019 - © Jean-Francois Lamoureux

Tumentia Quisquiliae Magdalene - Cap-aux-Meules - 2013 - © ATSA

Se mettre dans l'eau chaude - 2013 - © Aurélie Jouan

ATSA, quand l'Art passe à l'Action

Images : l’art en action de Magnus Isaacson et Simon Bujold, La Fabrique Culturelle, archives familiales.

Music : Ane Brun et Introduction - Alf Leila Wa Leila de Ibrahim Maalouf

Editing : Sophie Leblond - Thanks to Cinéma Moderne


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A TREMENDOUS SHOCK... which we must TRANSFORM INTO persistencY

I have some terrible news to share with you.

This past Sunday, November 25, 2018 at 3:40 a.m., Pierre Allard passed away. My longtime companion in life and in art, an important artist beloved and appreciated by all, my gentle pirate, fighting for peace with art and love as your sole weapons, you have left us too quickly.

Unbeknownst to us, an aggressive lung cancer was wreaking its damage, and what we thought was a backache accompanied by pneumonia proved to be the metastases of a generalized cancer in its terminal phase. We received the diagnosis Wednesday, November 21 and his health rapidly deteriorated until Saturday the 24th, when, now in the intenstive care unit, he went into respiratory arrest and succumbed.

Since the announcement of Pierre's death was first made, a wave of solidarity and love has enveloped the team, the children and me, bringing us much solace. We are latching onto this wave to soldier on, for this is what Pierre asked me to do.

With your encouragement, I will do my utmost to keep that promise—our promise—by seeing through to completion the very concrete projects already in progress and that must not vanish as he has, in Montreal and elsewhere in the world. We will carry on one step at a time, with your ever more invaluable support.

A commemorative ceremony to celebrate Pierre's life will be held this December 9 at the Alfred Dallaire MEMORIA funeral home at 4231 Saint-Laurent Blvd., beginning at 3 p.m. Anyone who loved and appreciated Pierre is welcome.

Should you wish to support us in carrying on, we would appreciate your making a donation to ATSA in his memory.


The donation will go directly toward funding the second edition of Cuisine ta Ville and the continued development of Le Temps d’une Soupe, two events whose core aim is to foster encounters and exchanges.

Together, we will be strong as we try to make sense of this senselessness; together, we shall continue the creative mission that so inspired Pierre and the entire team.

Thank you for encouraging your friends and family to support us and to be a part of ATSA's continued thrust. What a wonderful holiday gift it would be to offer a donation in someone's memory.

Let's continue to work together to create, using Pierre's energy and drive as inspiration.