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ATSA, quand l'Art passe à l'Action

Montréal / Toronto / Calgary / Vancouver

2005 to ...

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Project I Pan-canadian Action I Attacks # 12-13-14-15


Attack # 12 - À Toronto

Toronto, February 3rd, 2006 ATSA invites you to its next action, to be held in Toronto on February 3, 2006, as part of the Free Fall and Art & Activism exhibits at the Theatre Centre and the YYZ Artist’s Outlet gallery.

Attack # 12 is a sprint operation based on Attack #10, which took place in Montreal in September 2005 and where nearly 350 “patrollers” recruited by ATSA issued some 10,000 statements of offence. These statements target oversize vehicles and the excessive fuel consumption asociated with them, excessive engine idling, remote engine starters and poorly maintained vehicles.

Individually numbered between 10,001 and 11,200 and in triplicate, these statements of offence will be:

  1. Handed out to all offending vehicles by our patroller citizens on Feb. 3rd between 5 and 7 p.m.
  2. Displayed at YYZ Artist's Outlet as an interactive exhibit between 7 and 9 p.m.
  3. Presented to a politician responsible for the sustainable development of the Toronto community.

In all, 1,200 statements of offence are available!

Starting February 3rd at the Theatre Centre (1087 Queen St. West.)

4 pm - Conference on Attacks # 8, # 9 and # 10.
5 pm - Distribution of the statements of offence and “patroller” itineraries!
7 pm - Meeting at YYZ Artist’s Outlet for the collective exhibit in the Gallery, followed by a party with the group The New Kings at 7:30 p.m.!

Prizes will be given to our best patrollers!

Screening of film by ATSA in the screening room.

Theatre Centre - 1087 Queen St. West.
YYZ Artist’s Outlet  - 401 Richmond St. West, suite 140

So join us this February 3rd at 4 p.m. at the Theatre Centre for an engaging and fun experience!

You can also catch the ATSA exhibit :

from January 13 to December 5 at the Theatre Centre as part of Free Fall ;
from January 13 to February 25 at the YYZ Artist’s Outlet as part of the Art & Activism Show.

Full occupation of the case with :

  • État d’Urgence 2005 : tryptique, photo prints, blankets and cans.
  • Attack #10 : video installation and the suitcase with 10,000 statements of offence.
  • presentation of a panel of ATSA'S videos in the projection room
  • Informations about ATSA and Attack # 12 inside the gallery.  


Attack  # 13  - in Montreal

The green ticket, Alerte au Smog and ATSA and its partners invite you to pass on the word and sensitize your fellow citizens of the Greater Montreal Area in the name of poor air quality link to cars.

» Download the green ticket
» Download the warning to the driver's flyer and distribute it !
» More informations about idling ( pdf )

Win one of these great prizes !

1st prize : a Dumoulin Bicycle of a 350$ value
2nd prize :a discount plan A for Communauto of 350$ value
3rd prize : 3 months CAM pass of a 185$ value
4th prize : Diner at CRU with Steven Guilbault (Greenpeace), Hugo Séguin (Équiterre), Annie Roy and Pierre Allard ; approximately 100$ value  

To patricipate to the contest

1- Write out the green ticket according to the enclosed User’s Guide
2- Fill out the Proof of participation and keep it for each ticket issued until June 28th 2006
3- Sign up online for the Smog alert contest  for each ticket issued out before June 20th at 8:00pm.
Deadline to sign up for the contest is June 20th 2006 at 8:00pm.

Participating in the contest implies you have read and are familiar with contest rules.

Best of Luck !



* ATSA assumes no responsibility for any mishaps that may occur during the distribution of the green ticket and Alert au Smog contest. 



Attack # 14 - in Calgary

Attack #14, is presented by EPCOR Centre for Performing Arts de Calgary from January 18 to 20 th.
an intervention in situ and free. 

 » More informations about the project ( pdf )

Attack # 15 - in Vancouver

Attack # 15, is co-presented by PuSH International Performing Arts Festival and Grunt Gallery.
From January 25 to 28 th, 12 AM/ 12 PM corner Hornby et Robson.
Meet the artistes from 10 AM to 11 AM.

» More informations about the project ( pdf )