500 billion

  • © ATSA
  • Avenue du Mont-Royal / Place Émilie-Gamelin / Rue St-Catherine

  • 2004


18 BILLION for État d’Urgence 2004

18 BILLION was the premise for this fluid installation which takes shape as plastic bags hang from the trees of Émilie-Gamelin Park off Sainte-Catherine Street. The installation raised the issue of responsible consumerism just prior to the Christmas holidays, and from it sprang the prototype of a non-disposable bag which went on to become today’s Inseperable bag.


500 BILLION for Saint-Laurent Blvd.

The mise en scène for the 500 BILLION installation held during the Main’s sidewalk sale featured countless bright plastic bags displayed as banners and standards, evocative of the spirit of both trade fairs and neighbourhood festivities. Yet the overall effect of the innumerable overhanging bags whistling and cavorting in the warm breeze was to make passers-by aware of the sheer scale of our rampant overconsumption of plastic bags precisely during such events.



Photos : © ATSA