annie_et_pierre velo Zone-Epineuse-2001 Fin-Novembre-2011 Parc-industriel-2001 brasero Attentat--6-2004 Parc-Industriel-2001-2 Pigeons-club-2011

Annie Roy et Pierre Allard, co-fondateurs - © Martin Savoie

État d'Urgence 2008 - © Martin Savoie

Attention : Zone Épineuse 2002 - © Martin Savoie

Fin Novembre 2011 - © Luc Senécal

Parc Industriel - 2001 - © Martin Savoie

État d'Urgence 2008 - © Martin Savoie

Attentat # 6 - 2004 - © Martin Savoie

Parc Industriel - 2001 - © Martin Savoie

Pigeon's Club - 2011 - © ATSA

ATSA, quand l'Art passe à l'Action


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We appreciate your support to be a part of ATSA's continued thrust by making a donation in the memory of Pierre Allard.

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Dear friends,

Spring is back, and it's time to tell you all about our upcoming projects !

This past year, we had the privilege of seeing a spotlight shined on our creations when we received the Jury Prize at the Grand Prix of the Conseil des Arts de Montréal. We would like to share that honour with you, for without your involvement and the support of our partners and our public, we could not pursue our projects.

The award was an acknowledgment of our various undertakings in 2017. First, While Having Soup wich visited 8 neighborhoods in Montreal as well as 3 cities in Europe, Pas d'Radis Fiscaux and Cuisine ta ville, a new production designed as a relational art event for the purpose of gaining a better understanding of the reality of refugees who came to Montreal in  years past to the present day. We will pursue our While Having Soup tour in Canada with Iqaluit, Val d'Or, Whithe Horse, Yellowknife and Moncton as well as Glasgow and hope to announce new destinations soon ! 

Last year's edition of Cuisine ta Ville brought together more than 15,000 people on the Place des Arts esplanade, and the encounters and discussions were so intense and heartfelt that we knew we could not leave it at just one edition of the event.  And so, we have decided to edit a Recettes et Rencontres : Cuisine ta Ville recipe book featuring tried and true recipes from Cuisine ta ville 2017  and to reprise Cuisine ta Ville in 2019 in order to once more showcase diversity and emphasize the need for Montrealers to get to know one another.

What is Cuisine ta ville ? 1 great artistic and citizen's event held downtown; 3 days of encounters and shows; 39 artistic offerings; 34 kitchen parties for 700 participants; 15,000 people; 25 testimonials; 40 volunteers; 264 conversations in pairs and a cookbook !

Our goal this year is to raise $15,000 for Cuisine ta ville 2019

How your donation will contribute to Cuisine ta ville 2019

$50 = ingredients for making soup
$150 = a conference
$250 = one hour of storytelling
$350 = an exhibition in one of the "Tempo" shelters
$500 = a musical performance

It is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to support us in this new human adventure!

A charity receip will be send to you for a 20 $ donation and more
Every donation of 100$ and more will make you receive the recipe book Recettes et Rencontre : Cuisine ta Ville  !
Monthly donation of 10$ and more will receive the book after one year !


Thanks to be part of this great encounter adventure !


Annie Roy and Pierre Allard



Thank you!

In May 2017, we launched a special 20th anniversary fundraising drive to mark the organization's resilience and to constitute a $20,000 fund for financing the upcoming creations of founding artists Annie Roy and Pierre Allard within the framework of the Mécénat Placement Culture program.
Thanks to our donors, we have raised $20,522!
Thank you! Your support encourages us to continue our work.

We wish to thank the members of the fundraising committee for their work: Ted Harmann, Caroline Marinacci and Philippe Rochette.

For their support so essential to the development of our activities, we warmly thank each of our donors and partners for their contribution. Knowing that the public is touched by the causes we defend and is engaged with us encourages us to continue along the path we have set for ourselves: to produce quality artistic interventions that contribute, we hope, to shaping a better, fairer world.

By supporting ATSA, When Art Takes Action, you support the creation of activities that are inclusive, open to all, and free of charge. Founded by artists Annie Roy and Pierre Allard, Montreal-based collective ATSA, When Art Takes Action has been engaged in the public space for social, environmental and heritage causes since 1998, through the creation of critically acclaimed interdisciplinary installations and events.

By making a donation to ATSA, When Art Takes Action, you play a part in:

- the creation of one-of-a-kind works that are accessible to all
- the organization of events that bring people together peacefully and that highlight the situation of society's most underprivileged
- programming by emerging, socially engaged artists and collaborators
- the promotion of a society that is more aware and respectful of the environment
- the dissemination of Montrealers' creations across Canada and throughout the world.

ATSA, When Art Takes Action is a not-for-profit organization that has had charitable organization status since 2010, and will provide a tax receipt for a donation of $20 or more.