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Danièle Desnoyers - Le Carré des Lombes 


Copyright : Isabelle Rancier 

An essential figure in Canadian dance, Danièle Desnoyers is artistic director of Carré des Lombes. Her repertoire, of around twenty pieces, notably Discordantia, Concerto grosso for body and metallic surface, Duos for body and instruments, Where I live, Devour the sky, Paradox Mélody and Unfold | 7 Perspectives, demonstrates a practice deeply rooted in movement and a rich and constant dialogue between body language, music, sound and space. For more than 30 years, her work, presented mainly on the Canadian and European stages, has been crossed by the idea of ​​meetings with multiple collaborators and performers among the most notable of the Montreal scene.

More recently, the choreographer decompartmentalizes her own discipline and carries out multiple atypical projects such as the Scenographies-Landscapes cycle, carried out in natural environments. 

The creative residency at La Montagnarde is a stage of work for the Scenographies-Landscapes in Sardinia, produced by Le Carré des Lombes in partnership with Fabbrica Europa (European CRISOL program), Tersicorea T.Off/Officina delle arti sceniche, the Center for dance production FUORIMARGINE, the Italian cultural InstitutItalian cultural Institut (cultural section of the General Consulate of Italy in Montreal) and Art Circulation.

Choreographer : Danièle Desnoyers 

Performers : Myriam Arsenault Campbell, Giulia Cannas, Châtelaine Côté-Rioux, Rachele Montis, Nunzia Picciallo, Brontë Poiré-Prest et Elisa Zedda

Photographic documentation : Luc Senécal

Website Le Carré des Lombes 

Danièle Desnoyers will be at La Montagnarde for two different periods from June 27th to 30th and for September 27th to 30th.

Gaspard Combes

 Copyright : Pia Hinz

Gaspard Combes is a visual artist. His current practice focuses mainly on sculpture in public spaces with a preference for works in situ and in nature. This choice reinforces a desire for the democratization of art as well as a questioning of man's relationship with nature and the uprooting that he has carried out. The aesthetics of erosion, fossils or architecture thus question different temporalities that go beyond the scale of human life. By this, he points out the acceleration of our societies. His works allow us to put the transience of our existence into perspective with humor in a Western society where the imposed speed prevents us from having perspective to create critical thinking and an imagination for new common stories.

He graduated in Fine Arts from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam (NL). During this training he carried out an exchange at the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem (IL). He had previously obtained a Diploma in Space Design at ESMA in Montpellier. His work has been exhibited in many European countries as well as in Africa and Canada. He exhibited his work Namas Pamus during the Passages Insolites festival in Quebec in 2022. The same year he took part in a multidisciplinary residency in Tanzania organized by the UMOJA program and supported by EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture). In winter 2023, he had a solo exhibition at the Galerie Palais (Neuchâtel, CH). His work Homo Stabilis is currently exhibited at the CÔA - Corridor of Arts festival in Portugal. His latest exhibition to date is one of a temporary in situ work designed specifically for the Alignments site of Carnac in Brittany, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Website Gaspard Combes 

Gaspard Combes will be at La Montagnarde from August 15th to September 15th. 

Elaine Frigon 


Crédit photo : Elaine Frigon

"Identity, memory and the domestic universe are at the center of my approach. My research-creation work focuses on the links that unite individuals to the surrounding context, constructing intimate and playful portraits. My works are based on reflections on society and the human condition, drawing inspiration from the places and people around me. I became interested in clothes as materials because they constitute a significant part of waste and because they respond to my desire to limit the ecological footprint in my artistic production. They also represent what I call vectors of identity. Clothes contain within them the “little memory”, they remind us of someone in particular as well as a type of person, an era, an event By diverting the function of clothes from dressing the body, I give them the power to transform places, creating fantasized spaces according to the clothes. 

One of my bodies of work consists of dressing trees creating ephemeral installations with a cinematic feel. I let myself be guided by the surrounding context, the morphology, the history and the function of the place in order to bring out its soul. Escape of the Brides is intended to be both seductive and disturbing. The dressed trees are transformed by the gaze of the walker, into women who run towards them or who run away from them depending on the angle of view. In this sense, I want humans to perceive the antagonistic relationship that our society has with the forest: a peaceful approach focused on contemplation vs. a design based on exploitation. "

Élaine Frigon studied architecture and visual arts in Quebec in the 1980s, then specialized in media arts at UC-Davis and at the San Francisco Art Institute, in California. Influenced by her studies in architecture, she has developed works focused on the links that unite the surrounding context with individuals. For almost forty years, she has been weaving sensitive connections between people, times and places. Since the 1990s, she has produced more than thirty videos which have been presented at various international events. More recently, his work Make it out was presented as an in situ installation at the 25th Rencontres Internationales Traverse in France and at the Art Space In Gallery, Incheon National University in South Korea.  She regularly participates in site-specific art events, the most recent being All Around Us in Victoriaville. Elaine is also involved in the cultural sector. She was, among other things, coordinator of La Centrale artist center in Montreal. Alongside her artistic practice, she taught for around twenty years in Visual and Media Arts at Lionel-Groulx, Bois-de-Boulogne and Vieux-Montreal Colleges.

Website Elaine Frigon

Elaine Frigon will be at La Montagnarde in September the 28th and 29th. 


Each artists in residence will present a workshop and/or a presentation of their project to the Laurentides community. More details soon !