La Montagnarde

  • Laurentides

  • Since 2022

A residency for creation, rejuvenation and discovery


ATSA, "When Art Takes Action," launched a new chapter in its history: La Montagnarde creation, rejuvenation, and discovery residency. A residency serving artists and their creative process, with a commitment to interdisciplinary openness and flexibility in meeting artists' needs. A space that places the forest at the heart of an artist's revitalization project, for those who cannot afford it and for newcomers who want to understand their new country.

Each residency will be carried out with an open and diverse involvement of the local community: schools, youth centers, cultural and outdoor centers, libraries, etc., depending on the projects. Thus, presentations, workshops, or co-creations will be offered in collaboration with various local partners. Citizens can enjoy the artworks and incorporate them into various nature-respecting activities such as forest walks and meditation.

In line with ATSA's mission, La Montagnarde is a space that connects art and social engagement, believing in the benefits of the forest to expand horizons and build confidence in the future by offering:

  • An optimal space for artistic concentration and rejuvenation
  • Opportunities for participation and learning for the local community
  • An addition to environmentally friendly forest activities for the community
  • A peaceful and discovery space for people going through difficult times or newcomers
  • All with the guidance of artist and mentor Annie Roy


We issue calls for projects that balance emerging and accomplished artists, diversity, indigenous representation, hyper-local, provincial, national, and international involvement! Across all disciplines, we're here to think, create, and start anew in the face of the vast possibilities. The location remains anonymous, preserving the tranquility of the creators and the neighborhood.  


Watch all the episodes: 1- Introduction | 2- Artists and Expectations | 3- Creation Process | 4- Community | 5- The Final Object

Since 2016, the Allard-Roy couple had been searching for a countryside retreat to spend time in reflection and creativity in the forest. Their artistic fusion actually occurred on Mount Royal, a beautiful autumn in 1997, as they created a leaf maze and observed people's reactions to it! The Roy-Allard family has always had access to nature. Extensive forest walks, both in winter and summer, have always been a way of life for the two artists and their family.

Upon the passing of Pierre, her life and art partner, in 2018, Annie purchased a small chalet in the Laurentians. The forest took on a whole new dimension, becoming a sanctuary of acceptance and a space for reconstruction. Much inspiration and gratitude emerged from this experience, inspiring her to share it with others.

In 2022, the owner of the neighboring chalet decided to sell it to Annie when she spoke to him about La Montagnarde:

A place that harnesses the rejuvenating power of nature for artistic creation, especially for those who cannot often afford such experiences, particularly newcomers. A place to connect with oneself and with Quebec's nature.

A place filled with art on the walls and poetry on the shelves. Annie will be able to mentor and coordinate the residencies, with her own chalet nearby, while allowing ample space for her artistic collaborators. Adjacent to public lands, the location offers access to miles of wild forests, allowing artists to let their imaginations run free, express their sorrows and joys, and encourage a spirit of discovery and relaxation. Access to a lake, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing in the winter add an undeniable symbiotic dimension with nature to rejuvenate one's ideas! However, it's not a vacation! Feedback sessions will be scheduled at the creative workshop in St-Adolphe d’Howard and other cultural venues to allow artists to share their progress.


The entire ATSA team would like to pay tribute to the Anishinabe Algonquin people, traditional guardians of the lands where our artistic residency La Montagnarde is located. We recognize the long-standing sacred bond uniting it to this territory, which remains unceded. We also pay tribute to all the indigenous people who live in Les Pays d’en Haut, or elsewhere in Canada. We recognize traditional knowledge keepers of all ages. We also honor their leaders of yesterday, today and tomorrow, who had undeniable courage.