Attention : Zone Épineuse

  • © Martin Savoie / ATSA
  • Parc du Mont-Royal, Montréal

  • 2002

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a special project staged within the framework of UNESCO’s International Year of the Mountain

A thoughtful stroll on Mount Royal raises public awareness of the precariousness of the ecological treasures that are our trees, forests and mountains. Hundreds of trees are wrapped, a gesture signifying at once both their condemnation and sacralization. The yellow street signage connotes danger and attracts our attention to a threatened forest. It guides the visitor to six evocative stations, located at Beaver Lake (theme: flooding), around the statue of the Angel (clear cutting), on the Camilien Houde lookout (reflection or view?) and its adjacent paths (dumps), at the peaks (integrity of the land), and along Mont-Royal Avenue (urban sprawl).    

An accompanying soundtrack features testimonials from five people of different ethnicities. Special thanks to Wajdi Mouawad, Michel Mpambara, Paulo Ramos, Milton Tanaka and Kim Yaroschevskaya for lending their voices to the trees of the world. 



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Photos : ©Martin savoie



 Film directors : Olivier Tsai et ATSA / 4min. 24 sec / 2002