• 2021

de plain-pied, a work by annie roy - atsa

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de plain-pied

Motivation: Do you find it normal to speculate without any regulation other than that of the free market on a good of such high necessity as housing? Did you know that the price of housing has risen by 21% in Montreal in 2021? Is it normal to let such a plague continue, with repercussions on the happiness of all: having three jobs to pay your rent or mortgage, no longer being able to dream of becoming a homeowner even if you have a good job, and not to mention the urban sprawl caused by the impossibility of buying or finding housing at a decent price on the Island.

The work: In keeping with her tradition of committed works and social solidarity, Annie Roy of ATSA, Quand l'Art passe à l'Action offers you De Plain-Pied, a cozy nest for your pet if you can't dream of a home for yourself. For sale for the modest sum of $100,000, Babine the dog not included, the entire sum will go to support housing organizations and to advance a bill to regulate abusive real estate speculation.

You are invited to sign the petition HERE 

The petition will be brought to the National Assembly by Québec Solidaire! Sign in large numbers so that we have some hope of not becoming the next Vancouver or Toronto...

De Plain-pied was on display at Place Émilie-Gamelin during the Christmas in the Park 2021 event and will certainly be back next year...

To see the launch event during the day of commemoration of the death of Pierre Allard, co-founder of ATSA and spouse of Annie Roy :

Place Émilie-Gamelin, november 2021 - Thanks domlebo and Jean-Sebastien for the show !