Dites-le avec des fleurs

  • © ATSA
  • Montréal

  • 1999

Taking posession of an abandoned property

Collaboration with the Galerie Articule, in a series of In Situ projects.
The project involved the occupation of an abandoned lot at the corner of Clark and St. Catherine streets for the planting of 2000 crocus bulbs for spring 2000. Pending the blooming of the flowers, 1000 drawings of flowers were stuck in the ground, signifying that ideas precede action. ATSA’s aim was to give new life to a space occupied by homeless young people, calling upon our duty as citizens when faced with the degradation of our environment. By offering the first spring flower for the first spring of the new millennium, ATSA makes a gesture of hope, re-appropriating a neglected terrain into a civilized public area. A new project in spring 2000 will incorporate the blooming of the flowers.



Photos : ©ATSA