Le Temps d'une brassée

Free laundry room, cold wash, drying on clothe lines  

For Cohabitation : Commune Mesure ?, ATSA intend to give rise to a daily coming and going of the community living in the neighbourhoods towards adjacent grounds and the interior of the AXENÉO 7 gallery. To do so, ATSA will deviate the purely aesthetic role of the place by inflicting it a new utility. For a summer, the art gallery will be a free laundry room equiped with three washing machine with cold water accessible to the public at the usual opening hours. 
The space used in the gallery will be shared between a functional array cohabiting with a symbolic space referring to the history of the spinning mill, its industrial past and the work of the women. All of which is combined with the history of art with, for example, the soap boxes Brillo of Andy Warhol. The exteriors will share this same idea due to a series of clothes lines which will create a line connecting the gallery to the other side of the ruisseau de la Brasserie. 
"Le temps d’une brassée... à Hull" is a union between the daily gesture and the gesture of art, between the surrounding community and AXENÉO 7, between the industrial past of the place and its new vocation, between the inside and outside of the walls, between intimacy and publicity. 
The title of this work of art is also its publicity. It will be diffused in the surroundings of the Axe, in the local newspaper and on flyers distributed to the local population. This double meaning title promotes the idea that artists should be particpating in the everyday life and in the development of its community.  

Open Wednesday to Sunday between 12pm and 5 pm, from June 5 to August 8 2004 
AXENÉO 7, 80 Hanson st., Hull (Gatineau) 



Photos : © ATSA