Les Murs du Feu

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As part of the Mémoire vive project organized by DARE-DARE and the Centre d’histoire de Montréal, ATSA reactualizes the memory and history of The Main through extensive research of city archives documenting the boulevard’s burned-out walls. The project takes a dense, multi-layered approach to time, space and matter, revealing the human, aesthetic and social repercussions of the fundamental, destructive force of fire. It is a site-specific journey in two acts : a blazing night inaugurates a walking tour featuring 17 old-fashioned alarm boxes revamped as mini museums dotting the boulevard. The opening night allows the public to relive, in non-narrative form, several slices of history related to the burning down of buildings which had once stood in the heart of the infamous Red Light district—the American Spaghetti House, Brown’s Butcher Shop, the Ève movie house, the blacksmiths, the fire-breathers and many other theatrical entertainment of circa 1930s Montreal. The walking tour offers a glimpse of The Main through different eras and styles, but above all, a reflection on the social mores and choices that surface with the eruption of fire and the aftermath of reconstruction.



Photos : © Paul Litherhead & ATSA



Film about le Mur du FEU
produced for the project Mémoire vive chez Dare Dare
realized by Olivier Tsai



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