Let's call it a wedding

  • © Yvonne Bambrick
  • Montréal

  • 2008

A REHEARSAL For toronto Festival Digifest 

On March 28th ATSA organsized a gathering to explore for a future project ! Sited around tables for a great meal, just like in a wedding, our guests were invited to give their view on a future project called Let's call it a wedding !

The objective of ATSA’s Toronto visit is to explore a project that has similar social components of history, location, addressing the needs of a people and a community.

In this process, there have been many visits and discussions with Toronto’s homeless. However, there was a feeling not quite right, as Annie Roy reports to us. Neighborhoods like Riverdale, Old Cabbagetown, and Gerrard Street felt somewhat disconnected and dreary with no answers as to how to encapsulate into a meaning or an event and then one day they landed on the inspirational beauty that is Allan Gardens. The contrast of something nearby like Seaton House was so vast and disparate around cleanliness, calm and natural beauty.

ATSA is proposing us with an engagement named, “Let’s call it a Wedding”. Annie Roy would like us to consider ways of bringing back beauty, romance with a cultivated essence of nature, Victoriana in style, by paying attention to the heart of the area that is Allan Gardens. “All you great people are historians and artists so let’s do something.”

The Project is to happen in 2009, which is the 100th anniversary of Allan Gardens, when George Allan gave his 5 acres of land.  Oscar Wilde came to visit the park. Many weddings and other prestigious events took place there.

This future Let’s call it a wedding project was to gather, for a great outside meal, homeless people and citizens of this area in Allan Gardens! All people would be dressed up in period costumes and would be socially matched! It would be just like a wedding but for the owl community to help each other for better and for worst, sharing this meal, giving a toast and wishes for the community and taking pictures of new friendships !



Photos : © Yvonne Bambrick