• montréal

  • 2021


First hanging, May 2021, Place des festivals


Design: Annie Roy
Production: ATSA, Quand l'Art passe à l'Action
Realisation of the mural: Julian Palma et Kassandra Quintero, à partir d’une oeuvre picturale de Niap Sanders
Realisation of the first hanging structure at Place des Festivals: Jack World
Donation of ailerons: Ron Haber et Richard Desjardins of Aéro Cycle
Materials: Aluminium, Fibreglass, paint, exterior varnish, engraved limestone, metal.
Installation not included, depending on the context.
Dimensions: 2x(25x5x2pi)


Six pieds sous ciel is a monumental work, composed of two Airbus 310 fins, perched flat at 8-10 feet from the ground, ideally positioned in an open position like the wings of an aircraft, on either side of a large limestone rock on which the title is engraved. *

Passers-by are invited to lie down underneath to admire a northern sky. The artist Annie Roy wishes to offer the public the opportunity to lie down and lose themselves in an infinite landscape of soft colours in order to experience a time of meditation towards the firmament with the real sky in the background. Born out of the process of mourning the death of her husband Pierre Allard, Six Pieds sous ciel was born out of the need to see beyond the pain of the moment, to not be trapped in the grip of grief, and to continue with the life force within. Another of her interpretations is that these aeroplane fins come from a plane that was destined to be discarded, to die, and that she gave it a second life. These fins are now a work of art and Six pieds sous ciel participates in its own way in the cycle of life, some would even say in the circular economy!

Inspiration: "Emerging from the process of mourning my loss of Pierre, Six pieds sous ciel is a need for space, a desire to see beyond the pain of the moment, to get out of the grip of grief. It takes an infinite effort and to create a work that calms, that gives a time of pause and benevolence towards the rest of the world and the ability to continue is vital. I wish us to meditate under Six pieds sous ciel towards a space full of benevolence and gentleness and for my part, it is towards this space where I imagine us joining together and where those who love us will be able to come and speak to us to find peace of heart. Annie Roy

* For this first arrangement in the Quartier des Spectacles, the PQDS morellis blocks and lighting bridges will support the fins. The final work would be permanently positioned in a park. The fins would be hung in a flying position on either side of a large limestone rock.