Tumentia Quisquiliae Magdalene

Tumentia Quisquiliae Magdalene (signifying “tumours from the rubbish of the Magdalen Islands”) is a trail of mock cancerous tumours on trees. The ersatz malignant protuberances are made from materials gathered at the Îles-de-la-Madeleine waste depot, and are clumped together vertically on a number of street lamps so that they are easily visible as one arrives to the Îles at the Cap-aux-Meules dock. The trail will be treated like a contagious disease—something no-one would wish to see propagated on the islands! To keep this “disease” under control would require a reduction in the production of waste. Thus, through a playful, aesthetically captivating work, the project helps sensitize local residents and tourists alike to this critical issue described in the call for projects.




The controversy surrounding Tumentia Quisquiliae Magdalene forced the work to be dismantled two weeks earlier than planned.

Tumentia Quisquilae Magdalene will premiere at the Centre d'artistes en art actuel Admare's FAIRE AVEC event alongside works by Jennifer Bélanger, Ève Cadieux, Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Yoanis Menge, Marianne Papillon, Douglas Scholes, José Luis Torres and Jean-Yves Vigneau. The event is curated by Véronique Leblanc.

The residency will take place from June 21 to July 7, 2013.
Vernissage: July 5 and 6.
On display until July 27!

The works will explore the way we use things (objects, materials, spaces, buildings), with an emphasis on their inherent transience and obsolescence as an opportunity for transformation. The installations, sound recordings, photographs, sculptures and performance pieces, some monumental and others of an ephemeral nature, will be spread out across the archipelago and integrated into the maritime and insular environment. Together, they aim to promote a collective reflection on the local problem at the heart of the project, namely, the management of waste.

Over the course of the residency and during the event's launch on July 5 and 6, the artists will organize a series of activities open to the public (workshops, screenings, seminars, guided tours, and so on).

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