Wild Capitalism Hunting games

  • ©ATSA
  • Calgary, Colombie Britannique

  • 2005

As part of Art-City: festival for art, design and architecture

With its trademark scathing yet playful take on the world, ATSA's artists present Wild Capitalism Hunting Games, a symbolic hunting of wild capitalism. Olympic Plaza’s history and configuration have inspired the artists, who play off its connotation of competition. The prefix “trans” prompted ATSA to transpose meaning, turning this urban leisure space into an imaginary ground for the ancestral practice of hunting—not of geese, mind you, but of attaché cases. Titled Wild Capitalism, the games embody the amorality of certain quarters of the business community whose decisions are motivated by profit at all costs, without concern for environmental and social responsibility. ATSA takes Neil Freeman's and Catherine Kim's "Water Pavilion" and flips it on its head, transforming it into a hunter’s cache; members of the public, totally camouflaged in the branches, can take aim with fake sniper’s shotguns at attaché cases previously laid out in the basin. Such an activity is not without reminding one of those amusement park games where kids try to win prizes by hitting various targets. This work denounces the indifference with which rampant capitalism carries on its headlong, destructive folly.



Photos : © Shane Clintberg & ATSA