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Annie Roy et Pierre Allard, co-fondateurs - © Martin Savoie

État d'Urgence 2008 - © Martin Savoie

Attention : Zone Épineuse 2002 - © Martin Savoie

Fin Novembre 2011 - © Luc Senécal

Parc Industriel - 2001 - © Martin Savoie

État d'Urgence 2008 - © Martin Savoie

Attentat # 6 - 2004 - © Martin Savoie

Parc Industriel - 2001 - © Martin Savoie

Pigeon's Club - 2011 - © ATSA

ATSA, quand l'Art passe à l'Action



A not-for-profit organization turned charitable organization in 2010, ATSA accepts donations and issues a tax receipt for each donation of $20 or more.

ATSA profusely thanks its donors and partners, who provide essential and priceless support for its activities. The financial support of each donor is crucial, and knowing that the public feels moved by the causes we defend and stands behind us encourages us to stay the course we have chosen: to produce quality artistic interventions that we hope contribute to a better, more just world.

2016 Annual Campaign

Target: $5,000

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Le Temps d’une Soupe is a relational art installation where pairs of perfect strangers from the public have one-on-one conversations about a topic related to social harmony. Each meeting is documented for posterity through a poetic snapshot that is published on the Web.


Dear Friends of ATSA,

It is with great enthusiasm that we reach out to you today as part of our annual fundraising drive, to ask for your support for a specific project of ours, namely taking the Le Temps d'une Soupe / While having Soup installation from the local level to the international stage as we endeavour to reach a broad variety of audiences!

This year, ATSA hopes to reproduce its latest creation, Le Temps d’une Soupe, in Montreal, throughout Québec, across Canada, in Europe, and – if all goes according to plan – in francophone settings in Haiti, Lebanon and Morocco! In this time of tension, nationalisms and mounting xenophobia, Le Temps d’une Soupe plays a necessary role by favouring direct dialogue about social harmony and peaceful coexistence, a vital societal issue here and elsewhere.

For 2017 so far, two European festivals have included our installation in their programming; as well, we will have the privilege of producing it for Montrealers, thanks to the auspices of the Conseil des arts de Montréal en tournée. We are working very hard to broaden the reach and scope of our work. Because our particular niche within the art spectrum is not widely known – meaning there are no professional tour agents and managers – we have to create our own networks. ATSA's work does bear fruit and we share it with the interdisciplinary arts community and the next generation of citizens engaged in the public space.

Today, we ask you to accompany us in this adventure. Your donations will serve to support our team: during the events that are already planned; as we approach other public venues in our bid to spread the impact of this wonderful project; and as we continue creating new works. With your help, we hope to raise $5,000.

Each contribution is important, and you can choose a payment mode that suits your situation. Thus, you can make a one-time donation or a series of monthly donations. These options are laid out in the attached form.

Thanks to all your generous donations, we were able to create Le Temps d’une Soupe back in the fall of 2015. Now, we invite you to explore with us this project's rich human and artistic potential by accompanying it in its journey from Montreal to the international stage.

The entire ATSA team offer their sincere thanks.


“Annie Roy and Pierre Allard do vital work in our cultural landscape. Through an approach that is intelligent, rigourous and inspired, they successfully venture where few dare tread.”

– Philippe Ducros, former artistic director of Espace Libre theatre

Photo ATSA IMG 6950

“It really is nice to view all the photos and to realize that we're part of an event that is way bigger than the one conversation we've had personally.”

– Valérie Richard, Le Temps d'une Soupe participant