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Video of While Having soup during Cuisine ta ville
by Jérémie Battaglia


In 2016-2017, While Having Soup brought about 4290 encounters and spreaded out in 3 europeen festivals (Les Tombées de la Nuit in Rennes, La Strada de Graz and the Freedom Festival), in Vancouver during the Drum is Calling Festival, in 8 districts around Montreal thank to the Conseil des Arts de Montréal en tournée, as well as during two events from ATSA adressing important issues of refugees and tax haven. Learn more about our previous shows...


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Our next destinations:

14-15-16 JUNE, Iqaluit
21-22-23 JUNE, Val-d'Or
12-13-14 JULY, Moncton
19-20-21 JULY,  Whitehorse
3-4-5 AUGUST, Yellowknife

- Marrakech
- Beyrouth
- La Maison du développement durable
- Burkina Faso

It is with butterflies in our stomach that we embark on a most special project, the Temps d'une Soupe tour, which will foster encounters here and abroad! The 2018-2019 period promises to be a big and memorable one for our organization, as it will find us going to numerous countries, many of which do not have the means to finance our visit themselves. There, we will have the opportunity to promote encounters between strangers in the public space created by Le Temps d'une Soupe, encouraging participants to engage in dialogue on topical matters of social harmony, in a set of circumstances and realities far removed from our own. We will train local “mediactors” on site, and will return home with loads of human interest stories to tell and poetic portraits from all around the globe!

This is one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program. With this $35M investment, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.

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letempsdunesoupe lignelogoTHE PROJECT

A relational art intervention in the public space, featuring spontaneous conversations from the general public on the topic of " vivre ensemble ". The experience of “three-course” dialogue wich elevates conversation as an art form—a spurt of humanity, and something to be embraced as a inspiring societal project!  

Starter : Meet your dinner companion
Main dish : Savour your conversation over a bowl of soup
Dessert : Create and discover your poetic portrait

A word from the artists: “The world is changing: tensions are flaring up, be they for economic, cultural or other reasons. All too often, we evolve in isolation from one another, through virtual conversations that ultimately leave us disconnected, and incomprehension forms a great divide between us. In recent years, the unprecedented flow of refugees, together with various other crises, has polarized public discourse, shaking our sense of social harmony to its core. We need to speak to one another, on a human scale, one to one, in order to reappropriate the public space for ourselves.

The stage is outdoors, similar to a restaurant's outdoor deck. Thanks to a straightforward mechanism for fostering interaction, and attentive MCs (Masters of Conversation), this relational art intervention succeeds in generating spontaneous conversations between pairs of individuals, in all confidentiality, on the topic of harmonious coexistence. The experience takes on a collective significance with the accumulation of these duos captured and archived in the form of poetic portraits that are subsequently shown on the event site and online.

By transforming the act of sharing soup with a stranger into a special, estheticized moment for interaction, Le temps d’une soupe sets the stage for human and social encounter on an egalitarian basis. Le temps d’une soupe enables people to broach important topics outside their usual circle of acquaintances, which helps them develop a critical eye. Furthermore, it encourages them to make a personal commitment to playing a more active role within their community, and helps make our public spaces more dynamic, intelligent and democratic.

Organic and locally made!

Our conversation menu is crafted locally for each intervention according to a number of methodologies proposed by the artists (workshop, walks, specific encounters). The questions can foster serious reflection on our universal human interactions, but also evoke local concerns raised thanks to preliminary meetings and discussions with persons who live, work and are interested in the community or region. The soup that is served may be prepared on site, brought in from a neighbourhood restaurant or local collective kitchen that shares the values of the artists. Our aim is to showcase the strength that comes from pooling resources and uniting, and to provide you with a direct and meaningful artistic experience of dialogue.


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The staging and format can be adapted to your presentation and financial context :

4 pages presentation,  Technical presentation will be send on demand
Press review
Previous representations with slide shows
Website combining all poetic portraits


e-mail :
tour contact : Annie Roy
technical contact : Pierre Allard
00 1 514 844 9830
skype : acomannie