État d'Urgence 2010 | ©Martin Savoie
Parc industriel 2001 | ©Martin Savoie
Le Temps d'une soupe 2020 | ©J.F. Lamoureux
La Banque à Bas | ©Luc Senecal
Attention zone épineuse 2002 | ©Martin Savoie
La montagnarde 2022



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Intended as a nod to the art market, the works in this catalogue are created from the audio, video and photo archives, and artefacts of ATSA's various interventions. Presented in the chronological order of the interventions on which they are based, they are a testament to ATSA's interdisciplinary work and offer a tangible trace of its artistic voice. By giving the collective's ephemeral interventions a concrete, permanent expression, they show the maturity, vision and perseverance of Annie Roy and Pierre Allard's artistic process.

127 pages
Design: Carmen Blin
Febuary 2015

The artists speak

Since 1997, we have preciously preserved the photo, video and material archives of our urban interventions; and since 2008, we have breathed new life into them, using them as inspiration to create art objects that extend our artistic practice. Our initial intent was to use these source materials to develop our own self-referential art market of sorts on a purely one-off basis. But then we got caught up in the game!

An intervention, once completed, triggers the art object: an extension of the initial creative act, an auto-feedback loop, a second child, and a work unto itself. These new works serve as commentary on both our practice and the topics we tackle. In a way, the art object enshrines the ephemeral creation that unfolds in the street. All at once, it echoes this encounter/confrontation with reality, is dependent on it, and questions it. Our visual arts practice takes on multiple forms, including installations and montages of images, materials and text (press releases, survey results or excerpts, comments by the public, leaflets, etc.) printed on a variety of supports. Each one leaves a trace and bears witness to what was experienced in the street. What happened then? What of it now? These works rely on the memory of what was created for the street experience.

The creation of art objects has become an integral component of ATSA's artistic M.O., one that enables us to delve deeper, to create links between the events and to share them with the public. We have created over 100 such works, which over the years have been exhibited as part of: CHANGE, an intervention that toured the province of Québec from 2008 to 2010; U pour Urgence at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (2013); the cross-Canada tour 10 ans d’Urgence (2010 through 2014); and Mise en abîme in Montreal (2014). We are proud to now share them on a broader scale through this catalogue.

Wishing you a good read!