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joanne milaneseLINA MOROS

Vendredi 5 mai à 18h

Lina Moros moved to Montreal in 1990, where she founded both the dance company Ballet Flamenco de Montréal and the Académie Flamenco Lina Moros. Considered a pioneer of Spanish dance in Montreal, Lina generously shares her passion and knowledge with her students, thereby actively popularizing flamenco in the city.

Dance: Flamenco
The art of flamenco lies in the singular harmony and complicity of its singing, its music and its dance. It helps us be one with ourselves and others, and for those who allow themselves to fall under its power and charm, becomes a way of life.




joanne milaneseNADJEDA TOUSSAINT

Samedi 6 mai à 12h

Nadjeda emigrated from Haiti to Québec some 20 years ago. Dance provides her a way to reconnect with her roots and to express the different facets of her personality. After having explored traditional African dances for several years, she has been focused on the practice of dancehall for the past five years.

Dance: Dancehall
The course is an introduction to this dance style hailing from Jamaica. You will cover the basics, as well as the rhythm and variants of dancehall.



joanne milanese


Dimanche 7 mai à 12h30

Born in Cali, Colombia, Montrealer Paola Sterling holds a degree in classical dance performance and teaching as well as a master’s in dance pedagogy. She boasts several years’ experience as a performer, professor, choreographer and competitive trainer.

Dance: Latin jazz
This style blends Latin rhythms and jazz dancing. Paola proposes a warm-up session and easy-to-follow exercises to introduce the public to the world of Latin dance, in which relaxed body movements are a distinguishing feature.



joanne milaneseERICK TARTE  

Mardi 9 mai à 17h30

A dancer,  jigger, caller and choreographer, Erick has been dancing since he was nine years old. He danced for 15 years with Mackinaw and the host group of the Mondial des Cultures de Drummondville. He is a regular at the Veillées du Plateau. He emcees Mackinaw’s shows, and calls at the veillées organized by the various regional committees of Réseau Québec Folklore.

Dance: Traditional Québécois dances 

Spotlight on the set carré and contredanse. The whole family is welcome.




joanne milaneseARAM BAYAT 

Vendredi 12 mai à 15h

An alumna of the now-defunct National Institute of Folkloric Dance in Tehran, Iran, Aram Bayat fled her native country following the Islamic Revolution. Montreal-based since then, in 1988 she founded the dance company Khorshid Khanoom. In addition to her work as an instructor, Aram is an ardent defender of women’s rights and the heritage of Iranian dance. Her story has been the subject of the documentary Forbidden Sun Dance (2009), directed by Lila Ghobady.

Dance: Iranian
Traditional dance of Iranian capital Tehran, some 200 years old, also known as the Qajar dance (so named after the Qajar royal dynasty). Most of the movements are made at the waist, with the hands playing a very important role.




joanne milaneseRAMEEZ KARIM  

Samedi 13 mai à 12h

Rameez Karim is a choreographer, instructor and performer. His training is steeped in Bollywood dance and Indian folk dance.

Dance: Bollywood
Bollywood dancing’s history, as well as its moves and inherent coordination and theatricality, will be covered in this introduction to the popular Indian dance form. Come learn the basics of Bollywood dancing!





joanne milaneseJOEL NDAGI   

Dimanche 14 mai à 12h30

Rwandan-born dancer and instructor Joel Ndagi has been interested in dance since he can remember. He is currently teaching Afro-house, a mix of house dance and Afro dance, the perfect vehicle for conveying his African roots.

Dance: Afro-house
The aim of this lesson is to discover Afro-house, but above all to have fun and expend energy while learning a new dance style.






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wartin pantois migrationsANNA MAPACHEE









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joanne milaneseRUBEN SALAZAR

Vendredi 5 mai à 18h

Recipe: Reina Pepiada
“Arepa is a bread made from white or yellow corn flour. It can be topped with ham, cheese, meat, beans or eggs. To speak of arepa is to speak of Venezuela and its people. Reina Pepiada is stuffed with chicken and avocado, and it’s the queen of all arepas!”




joanne milanesePHILIP CHUNG

Vendredi 5 mai à 19h

Philip Chung is passionate about cooking. His wish is to make people discover the food of his native Panama.

 Recipe: Torrejas de Bacalao (codfish and potato fritters)
“I will prepare a type of salted fritter from my country, called torrejas de bacalao, made with dried salted cod. The dish includes hot peppers, onion, coriander and spices. All of these are mixed with flour and yeast to create a salted fritter.”



joanne milaneseNAFJIA RAHMAN 

Samedi 6 mai à 11h

Originaire du Bangladesh, Nafija Rahman croit profondément à la justice sociale. En tant qu’interprète pour le centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux (CIUSSS), elle est confrontée quotidiennement à des barrières systémiques et travaille pour un système meilleur et plus égalitaire.

Recette : Curry au chana masala



César Manuel

Samedi 6 mai à 11h30

Recette : Adobo poulet des Philippines



Samedi 6 mai à 12h

Recette: Fritay griyo
“This recipe was handed down to me by my aunt, a peerless traditional cook in Haiti. She taught me a great deal about cooking and the culture of my country of origin.”



maha benadada

Samedi 6 mai à 12h30

Maha est enseignante et passionnée de cuisine et de pâtisserie.

Recette : Harcha aux olives et fromage
« Délicieuse recette salée de harcha aux olives et fromage. C’est une recette à base de semoule fine qui est cuite à la poêle. Vous pouvez déguster l’harcha durant le petit déjeuner ou bien les préparer pour l’heure du goûter avec un verre de thé à la menthe. »


joanne milanese


Samedi 6 mai à 13h

Alfonso Lopez est un photographe et vidéaste originaire du Venezula.

Recipe: Arepas
Très populaire au Venezuela, l’arepa est un pain de maïs de couleur blanche ou jaune qui peut être garni de jambon, de fromage, de viande, d’haricots ou d’œufs. Venez goûter à la version d’Alfonso!



joanne milaneselamia benadada

Samedi 6 à 13h30

Lamia est enseignante et passionnée de cuisine et de pâtisserie.

Recipe: Batbout
“Traditionally made from semolina and flour, this soft, tender bread is great on the breakfast table. I love spreading some butter, honey, cheese or jam on it. It makes a perfect sandwich bread. You can make a mini loaf and garnish it with tuna, corn and cheese, curried chicken cubes or ground meat, and some salad greens. A real treat!”


joanne milaneseSAJA TAKACHE

Samedi 6 mai à 14h

Recipe: Lebanese fava beans
“I will be making Lebanese fava beans, a meal that’s traditionally eaten for breakfast, but which can be added to a brunch or supper. It’s a vegan meal that is very colourful, healthy and easy to make, and includes the healthiest fat in the world: olive oil.

“My favourite dishes are Lebanese and Pakistani, as these reflect my family’s heritage and remind me of my childhood.”





Samedi 6 mai à 16h30

Recipe: Green papaya salad
“Green papaya salad (tam mak houng) is a traditional Laotian dish. I‘ll be adding a local touch, so it will be accompanied with sin savanh (“heavenly meat”), which is a cooked Laotian beef jerky, as well as pork imperial rolls with wood ear mushrooms.”



Samedi 6 à 17h30

Recipe: Quinoa Chaufa
Chaufa rice (also known as arroz chaufa) is a fried rice dish that fuses Peruvian and Chinese cuisines. This particular take on it, with quinoa, is as delicious as the classic version!


joanne milaneseADRIANA GARCIA CRUZ

Dimanche 7 mai à 11h

Recipe: Rice soup
“Into a pot, add some water and chicken, coriander, onion and salt, and bring to a boil. Add finely diced carrots and potatoes while continuing to boil, and add rice at the very end.”



joanne milaneseRÉGINALD BONGA

Dimanche 7 mai à 11h30

Recette : Konsonmen
“Konsonmen is a type of bouillon or soup containing mixed vegetables.”



joanne milanese


Dimanche 7 mai à 13h30

C’est en 2021 qu’Angel Lokokola décide d’ouvrir son propre commerce, le Marché Résurrection. « En tant qu’immigrante, j’ai remarqué que les produits africains proposés ici ne représentaient pas vraiment le goût et la qualité de ce que nous avons directement chez nous. J’ai donc décidé d’ouvrir ce marché pour apporter une réelle authenticité africaine. »

Recipe: Beef brochettes



joanne milanese


Dimanche 7 mai à 15h

Of Cameroonian origin, Armelle Mbamba has lived in Montreal for nearly five years.

Recipe: Beignets haricots (kidney bean fritters)
A specialty of Cameroon.

 “The first time I helped my mom make bean fritters, I was about seven years old and very excited about being involved in the kitchen. My mom showed me how to blend the flour and the yeast, how to add water to achieve good consistency, then how to make small holes in the doughballs in which to insert the bean paste. However, when it came time to fry the doughballs, I quickly realized I was not particularly suited for this: I burned my fingers repeatedly while trying to flip the fritters over in the pan. My mom had to help me finish off the frying, and we later shared these delicious fritters with family and friends. Since that day, I have kept on cooking and learning new recipes, but that initial experience in the kitchen remains a fond memory for me.”


joanne milanesefrancine armelle  

Dimanche 7 mai à 16h

Recette : Frites de bananes plantain





Dimanche 7 mai à 18h30

Reinaldo Monque was born in Venezuela and settled down in Montreal in 2010 with his family. He chose Québec for its cultural characteristics and its language.

Recipe: Seafood paella
“Seafood paella is a typical Spanish dish, originating from Valencia. It is considered a gastronomical treasure. It is my favourite dish because it reminds me of meals with my family, outings with friends to the bars of Caracas, family celebrations and the days of my youth.”


wartin pantois migrations


Vendredi 12 mai à 18h30

Recette: Pains frits avec de la viande d’orignal ou du poisson



joanne milaneseMANAL JOMAA

Samedi 13 mai à 12h30

Formerly a business lawyer and women’s rights activist in her native Lebanon, Manal Jomaa immigrated to Canada in 2009.

Recipe: Ful mudammas (Mediterranean-style fava beans)




claudia chan tak & sa maman

Samedi 13 mai à 14h30

Recette : Sambos au boeuf


mariam mannai

Samedi 13 mai à 15h30

Recette : Couscous tunisien de légumes


ahmed sid ali

Samedi 13 mai à 16h

Recette : Shakshouka


joanne milanesenima emrani

Samedi 13 mai à 17h

Recette : Koofteh





tala ali hassan

Samedi 13 mai à 17h30

Recette : Fatteh


ali fakhry

Samedi 13 mai à 18h

Recette : Msakhan poulet


joanne milaneseGABY KASSAS

Samedi 13 mai à 12h30

Gaby Kassas is a Lebanese who grew up in Italy. “Good food has always been a part of my life, of my family culture. At home, everybody cooks: my mom, my dad and my brother. It’s in our blood!”

Recipe: Mouloukhiyé (Mulukhiyah)
“I’m going to cook Mulukhiyah, my absolute favourite dish. It is also the name of a plant from the jute family, and this dish is very popular in the Middle East and North Africa.”




Dimanche 14 mai à 11h30

“We are a family that is passionate about cooking together.”

Recipe: Alokos (fried plantains)
“The recipe calls for plantain bananas, meatballs, and some vegetables as accompaniment. Plantains are typical in Côte d’Ivoire, my native country. The meatballs and vegetables will temper the sweetness of the plantains for a lovely mingling of tastes!”




Dimanche 14 mai à 12h30

Maria d’Alesio is president of the Club d’âge d’or du parc Delorme in Saint-Léonard, Québec and administrator of Saint-Léonard Parish.

Recipe: Neapolitan-style gnocchi

joanne milaneseSAL EIGH

Samedi 13 mai à 13h30

Sal Eigh is an up-and-coming screenwriter, director and producer in Montreal.

Recipe: Hotteok
Hotteok is a stuffed Korean pancake. Pan-fried and served piping hot, it is popular as a winter dish, but can be eaten any time of year. Unlike its Chinese counterpart, the hotteok is filled with sweet ingredients.



joanne milaneseDoan-TranG phaN

Dimanche 14 mai à 14h

Recette : Riz au Ginkgo biloba



tetyana tsomko

Dimanche 14 mai à 15h

Recette : Borscht



Dimanche 14 mai à 12h30

Maria d’Alesio est présidente du Club d’âge d’or du parc Delorme de Saint-Léonard et administratrice de la paroisse Saint-Léonard.

Recette : Gnocchi à la napolitaine  

bouchra soukab

Dimanche 14 mai à 17h

Recette : Couscous marocain au boeuf




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joanne milaneseREINA SAKAO

Samedi 6 à 12h45

The Cha No Yu tea ceremony will be presented by Reina Sakao, born into a tea family. The Sakao family has proudly preserved its know-how and its exclusive tea leaf processing techniques for over 100 years.

Recipe: Cha No Yu Japanese tea ceremony
For Reina, the Cha No Yu tea ceremony is “a subtle form of communion with nature, friends, family and ancestors. It is also a way to get away from the stressful things in life, to attain serenity and inner peace.”





Samedi 6 mai à 13h45

Title of presentation: La langue japonaise
A native of Japan, Naomi Saeki will present the basic features of the Japanese language, introducing the public to fundamental grammar, the characters and the most common expressions.


joanne milaneseALFONSO LOPEZ 

Samedi 6 mai à 14h

Alfonso Lopez is a Venezuelan-born photographer and videomaker.

Title of presentation: Carlos Cruz-Díez et l’art cinétique
Carlos Cruz-Díez (1923–2019), a Venezuelan-born naturalized French artist and painter is one of the principal proponents of kinetic art.

 Considered more of a description than an artistic movement as such, kinetic art is the art form that explores “what the human eye perceives as movement.” This movement manifests itself in two-dimensional works, optical illusions, three-dimensional works with animated volumes; it may be engendered by the work itself if it is capable of motion; or involve the spectator’s movement. In short, kinetic art is essentially based on the changing nature of the work, its ability to transform under the effect of movement.




joanne milaneseJORGE AYULO

Samedi 6 mai à 16h30

Hailing from Peru, Jorge Ayulo has been a journalist for various Peruvian media organizations for numerous years.

Title of presentation: Origine et caractéristiques des danses péruviennes (Origin and characteristics of Peruvian dance)




wartin pantois migrations


Dimanche 7 mai à 13h

Title of presentation: COUSMOS
Showcasing one’s culinary heritage in the form of healthy meals: this is what inspired Moroccan-born Montreal entrepreneur Khadija El Bouhali to launch her company COUSMOS in 2014. A staunch supporter of women’s rights since she was a teenager, Khadija’s commitment to the cause today involves helping immigrant women to start up their own businesses.


joanne milaneseSITRAKA

Dimanche 7 mai à 13h45

Title of presentation: La vanille de Madagascar
Born in Madagascar, Sitraka demonstrates how the vanilla bean is transformed into vanilla extract in accordance with Malagasy tradition.



joanne milaneseHALIMATOU BAH

Dimanche 7 mai à 14h45

Halimatou Bah is from Conakry, Guinea.

Title of presentation: Parlons poular (Let’s speak Fulani)
Fulani, or Pular, is a dialect spoken in about twenty states in West and Central Africa. It is a rich language with different consonances depending on the country in which it is spoken. For Halimatou, her mother tongue is a great asset, a part of her identity just as much as French. As an immigrant, it is important to her that her mother tongue does not become a just a distant memory for her children.




joanne milaneseMARC LINCOURT

Vendredi 12 mai à 18h30

Multidisciplinary Québec artist Marc Lincourt is an illustrator, painter, sculptor and author whose work deals with roots, memory and origins.

Title of presentation: J’ai froid à tout jamais
In the manner of an intimate conversation, the words of Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad (1934-1967) will blend with those of local poet Gaston Miron to create 20 dialogues, presented to the public without taboo or apology.

joanne milaneseCARLOS PARRA

Carlos Parra a quitté la Colombie à l’âge de 18 ans alors que la situation du pays était très instable. Sa décision a aussi été motivée par le fait qu’il ne pouvait pas y envisager d’avenir en tant que personne non-voyante. Il s’est alors établi aux États-Unis. Après y avoir vécu pendant six ans, Carlos décide de s’installer au Canada en franchissant la frontière canadienne illégalement.



joanne milanese


Samedi 13 mai à 12h30

Gisèle Gbobouo hails from Côte d’Ivoire, where she was a professor of African folk music. A multi-instrumentalist, she excels on the mouth bow, bell rattle, metal bells, scraper idiophone and xylophone. Gisèle arrived in Canada in July 2019, and her greatest wish is to transmit her know-how and her passion for the history of African music and to provide a brighter future for her children.

 Title of presentation: African tales and traditional music instruments
Presentation of tales and traditional African musical instruments, specifically light percussion instruments.



Mariam Mannai

Samedi 13 mai à 14h15

La culture tunisienne

L'intersectionalité des différentes identités, l'immigration et la cuisine.


joanne milaneseAHMED SID ALI

Samedi 13 mai à 15h15

Topic: Mon parcours migratoire
“I want to share with you my life journey, simply. I will start by immersing you in my childhood memories of my native land: Algeria. I will tell you about the bewitching beauty of this country, its thousand-year-old cultural heritage, its generous, combative, and sensitive people, but also its dramas, its wars, its tears, and its wounds. I will then tell you about the genesis of the idea of migration experienced as a waking dream throughout the crazy years of the Black Decade. I will tell you about its materialization with my departure for France, a country that welcomed me for several years before another idea of departure took hold of me: going to Canada. I will then tell you the image I had of this great and magnificent country, and contrast it with the reality I experienced when I arrived. I will close by describing my process of integration.”


Karim el zein

Samedi 13 mai à 16h30

Lettres d’un temps d’exil (1988)
Présentation du film Lettres d’un temps d’exil (1988) de Borhane Alaouie et discussion en lien avec sa pratique artistique.



Dimanche 14 mai à 15h

Les défis de la francisation



Dimanche 14 mai à 17h

Ma relation avec l’adoption
Ronnie témoignera de son histoire d’adoption par une famille québécoise alors que sa famille chinoise est retournée en Chine.



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