• Montréal

  • 2023



A historical and activist journey

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The Retro Action journey is an unusual experience to revisit 25 years of ATSA's interventions in Montreal, encouraging the viewer to rediscover our approach, underlying issues, and to continue to act concretely.

Various objects are placed at the locations where ATSA has acted over the past 25 years. This journey pays tribute and homage to the actions carried out by ATSA, inviting people to get to know Annie Roy and the late Pierre Allard, their actions, their impacts, and also the current assessment of the ongoing struggle.

If you find them, scan the QR code on the object to take a journey through time and look together towards the future, then take a photo and tag us on social media or send it to

We start with three flagship projects, La Banque à bas, Attentat #1, and État d’Urgence 2002, on December 17, 2023, which marks the end of our 25 years, and the remaining 48 interventions (in Montreal) will follow in 2024.

With this project, we re-establish ourselves in the city, subtly and subversively, and hope to gain new followers! Spread the word... talking about art and social commitment makes you less ignorant!

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