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To celebrate its 10 years of existence, ATSA immerses itself in the marketing universe, becoming a willing guinea pig for the opening of a temporary “pop-up shop” named CHANGE. Launched in Montreal in Fall 2008, this interdisciplinary intervention is setting out to tour !

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is also an on-line experience, where each product featured is associated with an engaged intervention.

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What is CHANGE?

Production: Simon Bujold
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ATSA has drawn from its photo archives and artifacts to create works and message-based tie-in merchandise, which are offered for sale to the art and general publics alike. All works and derivative products reflect the issues broached by ATSA through its various interventions, and seek to introduce the collective to a new audience while reopening debates and lending the interventions a certain posterity. Rounding off the retrospective is a limited-edition, bilingual, 400-page publication available in 1,000 numbered copies. Titled ATSA: When Art Takes Action, the volume combines colour photographs, descriptions of works, a timeline, an interview with the artists, plus original texts by 11 expert communicators and theorists who, each in their respective field, share their insights on the social, environmental and heritage issues informing ATSA’s works.

CHANGE, ATSA’s complete body of work together in one location, enabling the visitor to discover or rediscover this socially engaged collective through an appreciation of its overall output.

CHANGE, a retrospective of ATSA’s work coupled with an intervention on marketing, all at a “store” near you!

CHANGE, the crossroads of business and art. An open invitation to change, where positive transformation must come through sustainable development and our smart choices as consumers.

CHANGE, a platform for reexamining the major societal issues covered by ATSA: wealth and resource distribution; rampant consumerism; stewardship of our natural, built and intangible heritage; addiction to fossil fuels; violence toward children; globalization; and more.

CHANGE, a paradox: a critique of the ubiquity of marketing in our lives but also the use of commercial space as a mechanism for fostering encounters and discussions on art, consumerism, and the issues that led to the creation of the works featured.


The publication
ATSA : Quand l’Art passe à l’Action

The launch of the publication ATSA : Quand l’art passe à l’action, with a numbered first-edition run of 1,000 copies, is part of ATSA’s new urban intervention dealing with marketing titled CHANGE, taking place at its new, ephemeral store, also named CHANGE.

The 144-page, bilingual anniversary publication, featuring superb graphic design courtesy of longtime ATSA collaborator Orangetango, breathes new critical life into ATSA’s 10 years of artistic output by presenting stunning archive photos of its major urban interventions juxtaposed alongside previously unpublished contributions from well-known communicators and analysts — Sami Aoun (political scientist), Patrick Beauduin (marketing expert), Dinu Bumbaru (architect, Heritage Montreal), Guy Sioui Durand (art sociologist), Steven Guilbeault (spokesperson for Équiterre), Louis Hamelin (author), Louis Jacob (art historian), Jean Lemire (biologist, filmmaker), Patrice Loubier (art critic) and Laure Waridel (sociologist, co-founder of Équiterre) — who, each in their respective field, share their insights on the social, environmental and heritage issues informing ATSA’s provocative works since 1997. Their commentary is accompanied by the handwritten annotations of founding artists Annie Roy and Pierre Allard. An interview with the pair, conducted by Sonia Pelletier (art critic, curator, independent publisher), prefaces the work, available in bookstores starting the week of September 22 through Édipresse distribution, with signed copies available at the CHANGE store and through ATSA’s Web site.

Grafika Award - Montréal
Prix Applied Art - Toronto