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Series of 10 postcards encapsulating the history of The Main.


Dimensions 10x23 cm / REF. FRA0005CP

FRAG ON THE MAIN (since 2004)

FRAG on The Main is a permanent visual journey along Saint-Laurent Boulevard; a suite of graphic installations dotting the artery’s façades, bearing powerful testimony to the manifold currents and impulses which have marked its urban, social, cultural and economic history.

Produced in collaboration with the Société de développement du boulevard Saint-Laurent, the itinerary comprises 32 FRAG stations, stretching from Saint-Antoine to Mozart streets, that can be visited in any order. As well, FRAG incorporates informative texts—also downloadable on the ATSA website —by historians Pierre Anctil, Catherine Browne, Susan D. Bronson and Bernard Vallée. FRAG, for fragments—of history, of life, of culture. Each FRAG station constitutes a singular work, conceived in conjunction with the space it occupies along the boulevard, bridging the divide between the Montreal of yesteryear and the modern metropolis. An educational circuit intended for neighbourhood schools is also available.

St-Laurent Blvd. panel and postcards
Soundtrack: Luc Raymond and Stéphane Girouard.
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