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This self-adhesive vinyl sticker clings to your car window as a reminder to lighten up on the gas pedal. Placed next to a Baby on Board sticker, it looks downright chic!

Material : Vinyl / Dimensions : 17 cm X 15 cm / REF. AUT0005AT

ATTACK # 10 (2005)

As part of the Débraye : voiture à controverse event organized by Fonderie Darling, the Attack vehicle is displayed at the artist-run centre and ATSA creates Attack No. 10, a veritable virus unleashed upon the city!

Nearly 350 citizens become volunteer sergeants for a day and hand out 10,000 citizen parking tickets. Serially numbered and identical to those issued by the Ville de Montréal, the tickets target gas-guzzling over-sized vehicles, engine idling, remote engine starters and poor vehicle maintenance by owners.

Each ticket is produced in triplicate to fulfill three precise functions: to be issued to a contravening vehicle; to be displayed at the Fonderie Darling; and to be submitted to City Hall’s executive committee. Through this intervention, ATSA fashions all at once an art object, a tool for raising citizen awareness, and a means of applying political pressure.
Attack No. 10 has been presented in Montreal, Ottawa (Galerie Saw Gallery), Toronto (YYZ Artists’ Outlet), Calgary (High Performance Rodeo) and Vancouver (Vancouver Art Gallery).

[5 min.] Production: Andréa Tabora.
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