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Tired of seeing all those people driving alone in their cars and generating all that rush hour traffic?
Cyclists, the Encore Seul dans ton Char sign (Still all alone in your car) comes with two ties, for easy installation to your bicycle’s baggage rack, bike frame or front basket. Now every time you pass a driver all alone in his or her car, you can have a good laugh!

Material : recyclable Coroplast / Dimensions : 30 cm X 20 cm / REF. ENC0005BA

ATTACK # 10 (2005)

As part of the Débraye : voiture à controverse event organized by Fonderie Darling, the Attack vehicle is displayed at the artist-run centre and ATSA creates Attack No. 10, a veritable virus unleashed upon the city!

Nearly 350 citizens become volunteer sergeants for a day and hand out 10,000 citizen parking tickets. Serially numbered and identical to those issued by the Ville de Montréal, the tickets target gas-guzzling over-sized vehicles, engine idling, remote engine starters and poor vehicle maintenance by owners.

Each ticket is produced in triplicate to fulfill three precise functions: to be issued to a contravening vehicle; to be displayed at the Fonderie Darling; and to be submitted to City Hall’s executive committee. Through this intervention, ATSA fashions all at once an art object, a tool for raising citizen awareness, and a means of applying political pressure.
Attack No. 10 has been presented in Montreal, Ottawa (Galerie Saw Gallery), Toronto (YYZ Artists’ Outlet), Calgary (High Performance Rodeo) and Vancouver (Vancouver Art Gallery).

[5 min.] Production : Andréa Tabora.
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