LA FERME - or how to nurture a smart future is a project born from questions: How can we understand the rising impact of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives, our societies? The speed of those changes happening, the anticipated collateral geopolitical and environmental consequences are frightening and we don't have much of a say... What questions should we ask? What world is emerging before us? What kind of humans will we become? What is our relationship to AI? Do we have time to think about the impacts in our daily lives, on the planet and for the future?

This new *ATSA, When Art Takes Action project is an experimental learning logbook for the artist. She presents it to us with the humility of a person who does not know Artificial Intelligence but who wants to understand the world that is imposed on her, for better and for worse. This work will eventually take the form of an audio-visual installation in public space. She mixes different mediums to put humans at the center of these reflections, at the center of this world which is increasingly invaded by technology. From the intimate to the philosophical, a cube/stage will send viewers back to their own connection with technology. This interactive work of art invites us to begin a critical approach together. With excerpts from interviews of specialists and communicators such as Matthieu Dugal, Dave Anctil, Michal Seta, etc., Annie is guiding us on this dreamlike journey to the confines of the artificial. This residency exit event will allow the public to participate in the creation and bring their own observations to this subject which affects us all. In order to imagine the future together.

Creative team

Annie Roy - Research, writing, direction

Raymond Marius Boucher - Scenography

Brigitte Poupart - Mentoring

Alexandre Chartrand - Filmmaker

Gauthier Aboudaram - Video montage

Ricochet - Theatrical performance

Special guestsDave Anctil PhD, Professor at Jean-de-Brébeuf College and affiliated researcher with the International Observatory on the societal impacts of artificial intelligence and digital technology (OBVIA), Laval University, Matthieu Dugal Host, Moteur de recherche, Ici Radio-Canada Première et Michal Seta is a sound artist, improviser, coder and digital arts researcher.

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