Artistic Programming

  • Design: Jérémi Frenette for Tök Communications
  • Montréal
    Place des festivals

  • May 5 to 14, 2023





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ATSA was founded in 1997 by the late Pierre Allard and Annie Roy. Over the years, there followed a body of work comprised of some 60 creations – chiefly installations or free events in the public space, and always socially engaged. Pierre passed away in November 2018 and Annie has since kept their shared vision alive. ATSA is proud to celebrate its 25-year anniversary by offering Cuisine ta ville 2023, the fourth edition of the wonderful relational art event that shines a spotlight on the stories of immigrants.

wartin pantois migrationsBrins de mémoire
by Annie Roy – ATSA

Enter the space of those empty picture frames that shine a light on the little “nothings” we accumulate but don’t frame. Look within and ask yourself about those memories of no great importance that make up the fabric of your life and that you cannot quite encapsulate.


wartin pantois migrationsL’île de la rencontre
by Annie Roy – ATSA

A timeline representing the different waves of refugee arrivals to Montreal. This frieze was made by ATSA with the resources at its disposal. This makes it, in some sense, a reflection of the inequality of access to information, archives and media coverage concerning arrivals from past to present.

Bernard Vallée from Montréal Explorations will be on hand to enrich your knowledge and discuss Montreal’s evolution as a result of these migratory waves which are part of all of our stories.

Cultural mediation with Bernard Vallée

MAY 5 MAY 12
6 to 8 pm 6 to 8 pm

wartin pantois migrationsOur Montrealities

Born in Paris into a Moroccan Muslim family, multidisciplinary artist 2Fik has lived in France most of his life. In 2003, he moved to Montreal, a destination he chose for its apparent tranquility. With this new piece, 2Fik continues his reflections on identity, gender, integration and immigration, themes he has explored since his beginnings in 2005.

Our Montrealities is a photo series about the relationship between eight characters who are immigrants in Montreal. The work has a performative component: Ludmilla-Mary, an extravagant hijab-clad bearded lady, will invite the public to share their “Montreality” with her in order to foster intimate exchanges.

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Artist’s presence

MAY 5-13 MAY 14
4 to 7 pm 3 to 6 pm

wartin pantois migrationsDiagram of the heart

Photographer Émilie Régnier, born to a Haitian father and a Canadian mother, spent most of her childhood in Africa. Her work touches on racial and cultural representation within a social hierarchy, and examines the intersection of race and genetics.

Diagram of the heart, based on the heartbeats of more than a hundred people, develops a language of the heart free of the notions of class, religion and ethnicity. Onto the walls are projected hundreds of definitions of love and life experiences, from anonymous authors. Sound design and composition: Guy Dubuisson. Technical support: Patrick Virard.

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Émilie Régnier will give a conference on Sunday, May 7 at 3 pm.

Artist’s presence

MAY 5 MAY 6 MAY 7 MAY 9 MAY 10-12 MAY 14
4:30 to 7:30 pm 11 am to 1 pm
6 to 8 pm
11 to 4 pm 6 to 8 pm 4 to 8 pm 3 to 8 pm



wartin pantois migrations


Essentially revolving around the creation of relational spaces, Maggy Flynn’s approach consists of conceiving versatile, often mobile devices that foster encounter and the forging of sensitive human ties. The spaces act as an invitation to reconnect to one another, in a spirit of empathy, openness and playfulness.

Plier bagage collects the stories of different people from immigration backgrounds in order to understand what they have experienced

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Closing party with DJ Brun: Sunday, May 14th from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Artist’s presence

MAY 5 MAY 6-13 MAY 14
4 to 9 pm 1 to 4 pm 4 to 7 pm

wartin pantois migrations


Simon Beaudry is a Longueuil-born transdisciplinary artist. He holds a master’s degree in visual and media arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal. His work explores Québec’s identity and hybridization, reinventing, transforming and critiquing the constituent pieces of this notion of identity inherent in everyone. The taking of liberties at the core of his process finds expression in socially engaged and inclusive works that question our social and political conventions and limits, and also the symbols and conduct we associate with identity, something always shifting and being redefined.

Resurrection is a body of performative, sculptural and pictorial works exploring Québec’s identity, religion, language and nationalism. In their midst, the Via Dolorosa of Québec on the road to its demise, a necessary condition for its complete freedom.

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La Procession: Sunday 7 May from 3 pm to 4 pm.

Artist’s presence

MAY 5 MAY 6 MAY 7 MAY 9-14
4 to 6 pm 12 to 5 pm 3 to 6 pm 3 to 5 pm


wartin pantois migrationscollective work IN COLLABORATION WITH

Saturday, May 6 and Sunday, May 7, 11 am to 3 pm

This painting, collectively created by youths from Montreal’s Ukrainian community, constitutes an act of solidarity and a call to resistance against war, against the weapons of war, and against the powerful who, motivated by economic interests, debase the value of peaceful coexistence. Hope is the armor that gives the heart the strength to resist adversity.

The collective work will be created on the spot, at the corner of Balmoral and Mayor streets, before being exhibited at Place des Festivals for the duration of the festival.

wartin pantois migrationsInstrumentarium forain

From May 7 to 12, 2 pm to 6 pm

Sonothèque Nomade’s Instrumentarium forain is a nomadic sound studio that records and plays back a cappella performances in the field. The Kohlecteuse takes an instant snapshot of every person met who chose to enrich the studio’s archive with their song.

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Sonothèque Nomade’s parade will take place Friday, May 12 at 5 pm.


wartin pantois migrations


Multidisciplinary artist Giorgia Volpe was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and has lived and worked in Québec since 1998. She holds a bachelor’s in the teaching of the plastic arts from the University of São Paulo and a master’s in visual arts from Laval University.

Mirages invites passers-by to take the time to stop and dream. The installation is a dormitory garden comprised of old iron beds painted white and holding mirrors in which one can contemplate one’s surroundings and the movements nearby. By bringing the sky down to earth, the artist invites the public to appropriate the furnishings and thus poeticize them.

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wartin pantois migrations


Holder of a bachelor’s in environmental design from UQAM and an advanced graduate diploma in event design from the École de design, Judith Portier founded her own event design agency in 2011.

Jardin des vents is a free, participative trail for discovering the beauty of the wind. The art installation lends form and voice to this invisible creative force. A writing station at the centre of the installation allows visitors to leave their own message and add it to the structures.

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ATSA thanks the International de Montgolfières de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.



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Behind Walls – Maps

Khadija Baker is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist of Kurdish-Syrian descent. She emigrated to Canada in 2001 and earned a Master of Fine Arts at Concordia University in 2012. Her multidisciplinary installations often combine textiles, sculpture, performance, sound and video, and involve participative storytelling and performance to create active spaces for greater understanding. As a witness to traumatic events, unsettled feelings of home are a part of her experience.

In 1963, Kurdish villages were renamed in Arabic. In honour of her village, the artist recycles her clothes, weaving the fabrics and fibres into a network: a three-dimensional map representing the tensions and relationships between the memory of her family and the land, so that three generations can share a common history and the experience and feel of the land is transmitted. The oral history resists and survives this ongoing conflict, and the bodies and liberties that disappear.

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Artist’s presence

MAY 9-12
1 to 4 pm



wartin pantois migrations


María Ezcurra is an Argentinean-Mexican-Canadian artist and educator. After obtaining a PhD in Art Education at Concordia University, she worked as an artist in residence at McGill University’s Faculty of Education, and is currently a course lecturer at both McGill and Concordia universities. Her areas of research are participatory art practices; dress and gendered embodiment; memory, identity, belonging and immigration.

Tension is a textile installation made of stones and red pantyhose. Visitors can walk around or under the piece and interact with it. The work is a commentary on our social structures and our cultural relations, which are strained (but always multidimensional and resilient) and play a role in the construction of identity and space.

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wartin pantois migrations

Triptyque des valises

Adriana Garcia Cruz is a Colombian-born photographer based in Montreal since 2006. Most of her work is devoted to portraiture. With the sensitivity that characterizes her, she explores the depths of the soul and celebrates the intimate.

Three portraits, three generations. The photographs evoke the present moment of the migratory journey of three women of Moroccan origin.

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