ATSA, quand l'Art passe à l'Action

Place Émilie Gamelin

November 16-19, 2017

No, it's not a natural phenomenon.

For close to four years now, ATSA has wanted to organize an artistic action to rally people against Tax Havens. Our 20th anniversary seems like the perfect occasion and is an opportunity for us to circle back to the economic theme that marked our very first installation, 1997's La Banque à Bas (The Sock Bank). The denunciation of the voracity, the inequity, the sheer thievery of a system built up by the mighty and powerful to hoard their profits, protect their power, exploit at the least possible cost the resources of the States that support  their activities, and exploit the laws of nations to the point of becoming almost invincible: a theme we couldn't wait to sink our teeth into, because indignation breeds creativity.

In his book Une escroquerie légalisée, Alain Deneault explains: Tax havens exist so that we don't talk about them, so that we don't take any notice of what is going on there. To speak of them is therefore already one way of diminishing them. Nothing befits them less than the light of scrutiny.

Of course, artists love to shed light on things that are hidden! And so, last February we put out a call for proposals to the arts community and we received many wonderful submissions. Indeed, if the issue of tax havens has come to the fore in recent years, it is largely because of the arts community. Make no mistake, everyone is touched by it. And so, we have put together an event that brings together on one site original artistic creations in a variety of disciplines, as well as conferences and information stands featuring well-known personalities and grassroots organizations that are well versed on the issue. We find it important and enjoyable to produce an event that enables us to exchange ideas and to connect the dots between the social deprivation we are experiencing and the flight of capital. An event for being indignant, for having fun, for rallying together, for being strong. We can revel and rebel in the festive, cathartic environment of the opening evening's activities, and mobilize so that politicians get the message that citizens know what is going on and that the deception and fraud enshrined in our lax legislation needs to be eliminated. Because the system was once created, we know it can be undone.

ATSA continues its tradition of solidarity with the street community, providing assistance and acknowledgment to lonely and homeless persons through donations of warm clothing and by providing meals and other services. The event's theme emphasizes the contrast between this solidarity and the existing wealth gap, and makes the phenomenon of tax havens an even more infuriating one.

So it's a date! Be there... for the bold programming, to get informed, to be supportive, and to demand that our politicians enact tax legislation with teeth in order to give our society the necessary means to be fair and equitable.

We are expecting you at Pas d’Radis Fiscaux, November 16 through 19 at Place Émilie-Gamelin!
The event kicks off November 16 at 5:30 p.m.


Annie Roy et Pierre Allard, artistes co-fondateurs de ATSA,When Art takes Action