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La parole aux sans abri - M. Lotfi et Réal Capuano
Martin Savoie
Le Centre de jour St-James


La Parole aux sans abri de Mohamed Lotfi et Réal Capuano
Where : Le long du boulevard de Maisonneuve entre St-Hubert et Berri

Born in Morocco, now a Quebecer, formerly a dancer, now by turns a painter, filmmaker, actor and radio producer, Mohamed Lotfi is a veritable acrobat of the arts, darting from one hotbed of inspiration to the next, driven by his own insatiable need to create. Prior to exploring the prison environment from within in the spring of 1989 with his radio project Souverains anonymes, he had set about capturing in black-and-white the voices of a hundred or so homeless people in Montreal. Today, Mohamed and Réal share part of this work with État d’Urgence 2007. La Parole aux sans abri.


A multidisciplinary artist and urban photographer born in Montreal, Réal Capuano uses photography to explore the multiple facets of reality and to search for the hidden meaning of his own existence. This observational approach has lead him to collaborations with numerous artists. In 1989, during shooting for La Parole aux sans-abri (a film by Mohamed Lotfi), a series of photographs whose subjects were the homeless of Dernier Recours, an “extreme” refuge, saw the light of day. Réal Capuano’s photographs, with Mohamed Lotfi’s recordings made during these 1989 sessions serving as soundtrack, will be presented. The installation will enable observers to see how much progress has been made in nearly 20 years.

Martin Savoie
Where : In the ATSA Tent

ATSA’s official photographer from day one presents a photographic retrospective of many of our interventions. Thank you, Martin, for your always spot-on eye, the quality of your images, and your generosity!

Le centre de jour St-James
Where : In the Etat d'Urgence Tent

The St. James Drop-In Centre helps homeless men and women or those having lived on the streets. The Drop-In Centre’s artists are proud to participate as a collective in the 8th edition of État d’Urgence.
Some of their works will be shown under the big top. Come see them!