Guest DJs
Paul Cargnello
Tricot Machine
Les Amis au Pakistan
Les Voix Férrées
Fanfare Pourpour
Les joyeux grelots

Every evening at 6PM, enjoy a hearty meal to the musical sounds of our guest DJs:
DJ Ste Catherine : Wednesday, Novembre 21
DJ Éloi Brunelle : Thursday, November 22
DJ Alex Codaire : Friday, November 23
DJ Manu : Sunday, November 25

Paul Cargnello
Wednesday, Novembre 21 at 9 PM

Paul has undertaken to bridge the divide between the Two Solitudes, one album at a time. Brûler Le Jour is his first collection of songs almost exclusively in French, with just one title in his mother tongue. This year, Espace Musique/Radio-Canada conferred upon Paul the title of Sacré talent! (a wonderful talent), a distinction given to the most promising musical talent among the best the francophone scene has to offer.

Tricot Machine
Thursday, November 22 at 9 PM

More wonderful talent! Knitting, mittens, hareskin, winter and red cheeks: Welcome to the universe of Tricot Machine, a duo comprised of Catherine Leduc and Matthieu Beaumont. The pair hail from Trois-Rivières, contrary to what they lead us to believe with their song Super ordinaire; it’s simply that “Béloeil” happens to rhyme with écureuil. They are the recipients of the Prix Miroir at the Festival d’été de Québec and have also received 4 nominations apiece from the GAMIQ and the ADISQ.

Les Amis au Pakistan
Friday, November 23 at 9 PM

Joël and his friends, all gathered in his room... Joël Chevalier, then aged 12, was goofing around with his neighbours, improvising songs based around music sampled from old 45s. Their pseudo-albums were titled Les Amis au Yémen, Les Amis en Iran, and, of course, Les Amis au Pakistan, which was the most sophisticated and beloved of those cassette tapes.

Les Voix Ferrées

Photo : Martin Savoie
Saturday, November 24 at 3:30 PM

“Baroque ‘n’ roll” that defies classification: that pretty much sums up the repertoire of Les Voix Ferrées. Truly a musical melting pot, the vocal ensemble thumbs its nose at purist considerations of geography and chronology, sciences much too clinical for this band of jolly souls.

Fanfare Pourpour

photo : Martin Savoie
Saturday, November 24 at 9 PM

Our favourite fanfare! Fifteen État d’Urgence artists performing original music that is sometimes sad, at other times uplifting. An inspired blend of joy, chaos and poetry!


Les joyeux grelots
Sunday, November 25 at 7 PM

They are not homeless, they are nomadic. With our office parties and family get-togethers just around the corner, they wonder just what is so “merry” about Christmas, aside from being able to sleep till noon in the subway stations. Through their eyes, their memories and their way of experiencing the Holidays—or simply the reality of a Quebec winter out on the streets—Mise au jeu invites you to revisit the classics of Christmas, all reworked in its own inimitable fashion, without censorship and with an occasional sprinkle of sarcasm. A colourful, authentic choir will reach out to you, daring to sing what others, perhaps you too, feel as well.
Come pick up your new songbooks and sing with us under the big top this November 25th! Noël à grelotter is a collaboration between Mise au jeu, Sac à dos and Projets autochtones du Québec. It is also the fruit of ten discussion and writing workshops with street people who graciously and generously shared with us the ups and downs of Christmas their way!
Mise au jeu is a theatrical intervention troupe comprised of versatile creators hailing from across Quebec and the world. It supports adults and young people who wish to act for change in their community. For 16 years now, Mise au jeu has used theatre as a tool for communication, education and dialogue, throughout Quebec and, occasionally, abroad.


photo : Sylvain Rafini
Sunday, November 25 at 9 PM

Tout nu je suis presque is the title of this collection of songs with a definite 70s feel: a blend of disco, folk, classic rock, reggae, dub, bossa nova, French song, and the list goes on...