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Outdoor screening every evening at 11:00 PM
National Film Board’s CineRobotheque every evening at 8:00 PM


Outdoor screening every evening at 11:00 PM 4

Thanks to Wapikoni Mobile for their support and involvement since 2003! Wapikoni is a mobile video and sound recording unit that has enabled dozens of homeless persons to express themselves through film, and État d’Urgence to screen their highly relevant films and videos.

Wednesday, Nov. 26
Le Ring
2007, 90 min.
Jessy, 11 years old, dreams of one day being a wrestler. His life is a daily struggle as his family is torn asunder and he loses what little innocence he has left. Growing up is gritty in Montreal’s hardscrabble Hochelaga–Maisonneuve neighbourhood, yet in the magic of Friday-evening wrestling extravaganzas Jessy finds the courage to do whatever it takes to escape the hard life he seems destined for. Directed by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, with musical contributions from Catherine Major, Le Ring is the story of a small fighter determined to make his way.

Thursday, Nov. 27
Des maux à l’action
2004, 12 min.23
Directed by Carl Thériault

The film tells of the daily work of Gaétan Héroux in an empoverished neighbourhood of Toronto where he volunteers his time and ears to the socially excluded who are the victims of budget cuts. Héroux knows what he is talking about, having lived an underprivileged childhood himself. Eight years ago, Héroux joined the ranks of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). He explains why he and his OCAP colleagues, when faced with widespread political inertia, switched from speech-based protest to a direct action–based approach.

Enfants de choeur!
1999, 76 min.
A long-form documentary from director Magnus Isaacson, Enfants de choeur! tells the success story of the Accueil Bonneau Choir, a musical outfit comprised of homeless and underprivileged people.

Friday, Nov. 28
Au Chic Resto Pop
1990, 84 min 48 s
Directed by Tahani Rached

Montreal’s Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood is completely unbeknownst to the tourist throngs, as is that area’s Chic Resto Pop. And yet, the latter is unique in the world: to patrons for whom starvation and hunger are not the least bit exotic, this restaurant provides decently priced meals prepared from surplus supplies donated by local merchants. Coming up from the ‘hood, drifting in all kinds of ways, the youth who work here experience a watershed moment in their lives. They are the stars of this film, revealing their true selves through song and humour.

Saturday, Nov. 29
Spare Change
2008, 7 min.
Co-directed by Ryan Larkin and Laurie Gordon

A surreal voyage to the center of Ryan Larkin’s liberatingly ebullient imagination.

Rien à perdre
***American Premiere***

2008, 76 min.
Directed by Jean Henri Meunier

“The seed for this film was planted the day I met Fakir in the Rue du Taur, in Toulouse. Fakir is a life-affirming troubadour with no fixed abode. Early on in the story he is living underneath a bridge, then in a self-run camp tucked along the gentrified alleys surrounding the monument to the country’s fallen war heroes with other NFA campers, supporting one another and determined not to be pushed around. They call themselves Les Enfants de Don Quichotte Toulouse (The Children of Don Quixote Toulouse) and this is their story, their life, their ups and downs, their struggle to put a roof over their head. It’s their right—and in the end, their victory.

Sunday, Nov. 30
Les Lumières de la ville
1931, 86 min. - Silent movie
Directed by Charlie Chaplin.

Chaplin’s Little Tramp comes to the rescue of a blind young florist and passes himself off as a rich man. Through much arduous work, he earns enough money to help the young damsel recover her vision.


National Film Board’s CineRobotheque every evening at 8:00 PM 13

1554 rue Saint-Denis - 5$

A line-up of films examining issues related to homelessness and social exclusion, with a preponderance of NFB productions.

Nov. 26

Des maux à l'action
Des maux à l'action
, Carl Thériault
The Street, Daniel Cross

Nov. 27
Ryan, Chris Landreth
Street Nurse, Shelley Saywell
Nov. 28
Dehors novembre, Patrick Bouchard
Le Méchant trip, Ilan Saragosti
Nov. 29
Glissement de terrain, un regard sur l’État d’Urgence, Santiago Bertolino
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Nov. 30
Des maux à l'action, Carl Thériault
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Screening of Notre - Pere - État d’Urgence 2006 - photo Martin Savoie