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Martin Dufrasne
Kyohei Sakaguchi
30 voix + 1 by Luc Raymond
30 portes + 1 by the St-James Drop-in Center
La Banque à Bas…4 ½ avec vue by ATSA


Martin Dufrasne 9
Born in 1967, Martin Dufrasne lives and works in Montreal and Chicoutimi. His work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Quebec, across Canada, and abroad. His projects cover concepts such as exchange, transformation and engagement, through multiple idioms: installation, photography and action. As part of État d'Urgence and the celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he will present an original installation on the themes of PROMISE, DEFENSE, FRAILTY and RIGOUR.


Kyohei Sakaguchi 6
Artist Kyohei Sakaguchi will travel all the way from Tokyo to attend État d’Urgence. After completing his architecture studies at Waseda University in 2001, he published in 2004 the book Zero Yen House, the first of a series on informal architecture focusing on the homeless. The work introduces the reader to a counterculture that designs and builds functional homes made from traditional society’s waste for little or no money. Sakaguchi hopes to inspire a new approach to architecture, one in tune with our immediate needs and available resources. His humanistic outlook reveals his admiration for the ingenuity and inventiveness displayed by these evolving, ephemeral structures.

30 voix + 1 by  Luc Raymond
Luc Raymond, DJ of local and international stature, sound editor for Marie-Julie Dallaire’s film Notre père, Le bon Dieu dans la rue and Hugo Latulippe’s Manifeste en série, offers a brand-new sound installation based on the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, gathered and published in 2008 by Amnesty International in numerous languages.  What are we to make of it? Is it the product of randomness, of a particular configuration in time and space?  30 + 1 Voix is the sonic counterpart to the visual installation 30 portes + 1 painted by the artists of the St-James Drop-in Centre.

30 portes + 1 by the St-James Drop-in Centre 5
The artists from the St-James Drop-in Centre are proud to contribute to this 10th edition of État d'Urgence. They once more express themselves in a manner that is raw and pictorial, what some would call “outsider art,” to create their most important work yet, inspired by the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 60th anniversary of the latter. The work, divided in three distinct parts, is presented on the Ste-Catherine side of Place Émilie-Gamelin, accessible and visible to all, in juxtaposition with Luc Raymond’s sound installation.

La Banque à Bas…4 ½ avec vue by ATSA 11
To highlight the 10th anniversary of ATSA and their 1998 opening salvo on an unsuspecting public, the artists will sprinkle throughout the city stoves in the likeness of those used in La Banque à Bas, including one at each corner of Place Émilie-Gamelin. Find out the locations of the others at www.atsa.qc.ca