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Shows at 9:00PM
Catherine Major

Yves Lambert
Vulgaires Machins
3 gars su’l sofa
Fanfare Pourpour

Other shows
Les Voix Ferrées
Dj Suppers at 6:00 PM
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Program for the Banquet


Shows at 9:00PM 2

Catherine Major
Wednesday, Nov. 26
In 2008, Catherine will come to État d’Urgence bearing songs from her brand-new collection, Rose sang, tunes she says are “from the heart, and the gut.” True, for Catherine is not content with merely mouthing nice words; the lady lives what she writes about. She is spontaneous yet meticulous, soft yet powerful; her confessional compositions—she writes all the melodies and some of the lyrics—draw us into her world of soul-stirring emotions. Catherine is the recipient of the Prix Félix-Leclerc 2008 and of a Jutra for best film score for her work on Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette’s Le Ring.

Yves Lambert
Thursday, Nov. 27
Well-travelled troubadour Yves Lambert’s 32-year career has been a challenging one of risk-taking and adventure. In 1976, along with two partners in song, he formed the outfit La Bottine Souriante, which he stylishly helmed for 26 years through numerous tours, releases and acclaim. A big player in Quebec’s nu trad scene, the instantly recognizable “epicure with the hat” continues the adventure with the group he formed in 2004, the Bébert Orchestra.

Vulgaires Machins
Friday, Nov. 28
Three guys, one gal; a sprinkling of irony; heaps of self-deprecation; strong social and political awareness; raw, uncompromising lyrics; and punk, rock and ska influences: the recipe for Les Vulgaires Machins. In 2006, Guillaume Beauregard, Marie-Eve Roy, Maxime Beauregard and Patrick Landry released Compter les corps, whose poetic, thought-provoking lyrics and frenzied beats drew raves from all quarters and propelled the quartet to the forefront of Quebec’s musical scene, helping them garner the Songwriter/Composer of the Year, Best New Act, and Album of the Year – Alternative statuettes at the 2007 ADISQ awards gala.

3 gars su’l sofa
Saturday, Nov. 29
Happy tunes… that’s 3 gars su’l sofa! Distinguishing themselves through a fresh, endearing approach all its own, this young acoustic trio (two guitars plus bass) offers a seductive blend of colourful, sensitive and smart songs. With some 110 shows under its collective belt following the release of Des cobras, des tarentules, 3 gars su’l sofa casts a contemporary look on life’s little and big things.

Fanfare Pourpour
Sunday, Nov. 30
Our favourite fanfare! Seventeen musicians from Montreal’s avant-garde music scene play music both entertaining and intelligent, creative and daring. World music from our world.

Other shows

Kumpan’ia 0
Wednesday, Nov. 26 at 7:30 PM et Saturday, Nov. 29 at 3:30 PM
A band of loopy percussionists, drawing inspiration from various types of percussion ensembles (batucadas, fanfares, drum corps, etc.) to create a totally new, explosive mix. With over 450 shows to its credit, the troupe is constantly surprising and thrilling audiences with its contagious energy.

Les Voix Ferrées 0
Saturday, Nov. 29 at 2:00 PM
Les Voix ferrées is a one-of-a-kind vocal ensemble, both for its musical diversity and its social and artistic engagement. An État d'Urgence regular for many years, the choir today boasts 50 singers under the musical guidance of François A. Ouimet.

Salive 0
Sunday, Nov. 30 at 7:30 PM
A delectable duo performing in the trip-hop, indie-rock, burlesque “tradition.” Two high-octane performers bringing a massive vibe. Two mysteriosos with a textured tinge. Coupling vim and vigour with shades of meaning, they reach for the stars and make contact. Vocal elegance, rhythm, and trance are the order of the evening with Salive. To fall under their spell is to want to never leave it.

DJ Supper at 6:00 PM2

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Nov. 26

Nov. 27
DJ Vincent Lemieux
Nov. 28
DJ Christian Farley
Nov. 29
DJ Lost Heroes
Nov. 30
DJ Christian Corvellec

Program for the Banquet 2

Art of dining - Saturday Nov. 29 (invitation only)

Bon Débarras
La Soprano Jacinthe Thibault
La Horde vocale


La Fanfare Pourpour - photo Martin Savoie